Ferny Haven Lifestyle Resort

As most are aware, everyday Australians have been impacted greatly by the global Coronavirus crisis, causing increased financial hardship, limiting earning capacities, causing separation from family support, and more. Ultimately causing fear and stress that impact people’s sense of well-being and overall health.

So, let me introduce you to what may be the perfect place for those feeling like it’s time to get out of town, onto land, and are on limited budgets to secure a piece of paradise in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Let us introduce you to the Ferny Haven Project! This property is a magnificent 295 acres (119.8300 hectares) on the Coomera River in the Gold Coast Hinterland with D.A. approval for 25 Tiny Homes or Rural Workers’ Accommodation Homes. D.A. approved for multiple cabins and dome homes (D.A. available to be viewed on request by interested parties).

This amazing property has it all! From the top of the ranges where eagles soar to the beautiful Coomera River with over 700 meters of mountain fresh swimming water where Platypus swim. It is privately located in the lovely valley of “Ferny Glen” just a short drive from the popular country town of Canungra, which is a huge tourist magnet, with an outlook so beautiful and somewhat tranquil, a quant country township with lovely restaurants and only just a comfortable 30-minute drive from the Gold Coast and its magnificent beaches or a 50-minute drive to Brisbane. This is a perfect opportunity to become a part of this beautiful Lifestyle Village Resort as either an investor or to use as you’re own get-out-of-town getaway in Southeast East Queensland, with numerous options!

We seek Homesteaders and Investors to develop 25 acres of the property into a ‘Lifestyle Village’ complete with a community/function centre, cafe, outdoor kitchen area, food gardens, grow tunnel, chickens, goats,  2 horses, 2 donkeys, and 80 cows.

All those involved in this Lifestyle resort will have their own space to enjoy the hinterland’s picturesque surroundings. If this vision and opportunity resonates with you, do get in touch, the property is ready and so we are looking to move fast. Please email or call Cass Smith regarding Investing opportunities or email for more information regarding the Ferny Haven Project.


For more information on the Ferny Haven Project please go to:

Ferny Haven Retreat https://earth-haven.com/ferny-haven-retreat/ Freedom Financial Services https://earth-haven.com/freedom-financial-services/ News on the Housing Crisis https://earth-haven.com/news-on-housing-crisis/ Rural Workers Accommodation https://earth-haven.com/queensland-rural-workers-accommodation-initiative/ Scenic Rim Nature-Based Tourism https://earth-haven.com/scenic-rim-nature-based-tourism-strategy/ Safe and Sustainable Dome Homes https://earth-haven.com/safe-and-sustainable-homes-for-ferny-haven/ Join The Earth-Haven Collective https://earth-haven-collective.mn.co/feed The reason for this project is to create a ‘prototype’ for others wanting to get out of the ‘Rat Race’ of current world affairs. An Eco Lifestyle Village where others can gain inspiration when looking for more affordable ways to live.

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